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Last gun purchased/acquired:

March 2012 DM9 - laser engraved Ron Paul Revolution

January 2012 SL68II pump marker

January 2012 Sterling pump

January 2012 Dangerous Power G3

January 2012 Rebel

January 2012 Smart Parts Ion XE

December 2011 Tippmann SMG-68 converted to 68-Special

December 2011 PMI e-Pirahna

November 2011 Rhino Spitfire

November 2011 Ultra Sport Arms Patriot

October 2011 DM8 - gave to Todd

September 2011 Brass Eagle Poison

July 2011 MacDev Drone for mounting the Havoc on

July 2011 Green Autococker

June 2011 Bob Long Rapper Green

May 2011 Bob Long Intimidator

April 2011 Automag RT

April 2011 Green Empire Axe

March 2011 Sovereign gun + parts

March 2011 Silver Chipley Series 5 serial number 12

December 2010 Metadyne Pump

November 2010 PMI 68 Magnum

November 2010 Brass Eagle Raptor

September 2010 green Ego 2008

July 2010 Smart Parts SP1

June 2010 Smart Parts Impulse

June 2010 Blue Chipley J2

February 2010 Lime Green DM9

January 2010 Pepperball Technologies SA-8

December 2009 Autococker Trilogy Camo

October 2009 Metadyne Havok Launcher

June 2009 Monteel Z-1 Red/Rental

May 2009 ATCI TM-11A

February 2009 Tribal Mephisto

January 2009 Maxx55 Caliber - won at BR big game

January 2009 Brass Eagle Stingray clear plastic

January 2009 Brass Eagle Talon pump

November 2008 Green limited edition Chipley S6a pump

October 2008 Doc's Collection : This includes Tippmann 98(see Feb 07 entry), Etek Ego, Blue Pirahna, Tippmann A-5 in parts.

October 2008 Blue Mac-Dev 2006 Cyborg

September 2008 Diablo Slayer Blue BNIB from First Call

June 2008 Silver/Black DM7

June 2008 Rainmaker

March 2008 Silver 2006 Cyborg Traded, Chipley5 Pump for it

January 2008 Action Marker Diadem

Janaury 2008 Action Marker Sentinel - laser engraved

January 2008 Action Marker Illusion Pump

January 2008 WGP Autococker - later converted to pump

December 2007 Action Marker Sentinel Sunburst, on loan from Jeff

September 2007 Green Chipley Series 5 with Eblade #13

July 2007 Paintball TANK! well not a gun....

May 2007 Blue Chipley Series 6 pump - direct from Melissa

April 2007 Green Chipley Series 5 Serial number 5

March 2007 F2 Illustrator from ebay

March 2007 AGS pump of some sort ebay win from MCB member

February 2007 Tippmann 98 with ACT, won at the Hopewell big game, sold to Doc. I never even opened th box.

January 2007 F1 Illustrator

December 2006 Brass Eagle Cobra Pump

October 2006 MacDev Cyborg Blue to Clear Fade with Virtue Board

October 2006 Red DM5 with Virtue Board

August 2006 Kingman Hammer Plus BNIB

August 2006 Tippmann SL68 used rental

June 2006 Pieces of 2 Tippmann Pro-lites, and a PsychoBallistics Cocker

February 2006 Brass Eagle RainMaker

November 2005 DM5 Flat black with Evolve bolt and Virtue Board.

August 2005 Tippmann Custom 98-E

July 2005 purchased older AKA Excalibur Splash Green

June 2005 PsychoBallistics Lightning Deluxe

January 2005 purchased a Dust Blue Viking 2004 with eyes

December 2004 Chipley Series 5 Pump

October 2004 Black DM3/Gen-E Matrix

September 2004 ICD BKO 2004 Model Blue

April 2004 Automag Tac-1

December 2003 Dark Angel IR3, sold April 2004

December 2003 Eclipse Angel 1999 LED

October 2002 Gen-E Matrix Blue

November 2001 Tippmann 98 with Flatline, LPR and RT

VM-68 June 2001

Airstar Nova April 2001

Minicocker October 2000

ICD Panther October 2000

Automag, Crown point right feed October 2000

F4 Illustrator December 1999

CCI Phantom October 1997

ACI Trracer May 1996

ACI Chameleon Tracer October 1994

Automag Classic September 1994

Green Minimag Left Feed June 1994

Mokal Ultipro September 1993

Tippmann SMG-62 Sniper model June 1991

NW89 Nelspot Clone 1991

Line SI Bushmaster Black 1990

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